Our Approach


Interactive Live Lectures

Interactive lectures are classes in which the instructor breaks the lecture at least once per class to have students participate in an activity that lets them work directly with the material.

Topic Wise Practice Questions

All modular resources will be provided by us including topic wise practice material and mock papers. Mock papers are an integral part of a student’s GRE preparation.

Modular Approach

We employ a modular approach which allows you the flexibility of picking up topics and joining our batches at your own convenience. You can also expedite your course or delay it as per your requirement.

Small Batches

Our professors know that doubts can be efficiently solved in small sized batches ONLY. Hence, our batches accommodate max. 20 students for individual attention.


Our GRE app is a complete digital resource & support forum. It will contain topic wise tests, score predictor & personalized support including a facility to rate your faculty.

AWA Section

Our AWA test prep services have been designed to help students improve their AWA scores, thereby enhancing their eligibility for securing admission in top-ranked universities.

Lecture Topics


Etymology & Vocabulary
Text Completion
Critical Reasoning
Reading Comprehension 1
Reading Comprehension 2
Sentence Equivalence
AWA – Issue
AWA -Argument


Number Properties
Percentage, Profit & Loss & Interest
Average, Ratios & Mixtures
TSD & Work Problems
Algebra & Function
2D Geometry
3D & Co – ordinate Geometry
Permutation & Combination
Data Interpretation

Our Packages


Free Trial





Topic wise Lecture

No. of Lectures - 1

No. of Hours - 3




Complete Quants or Verbal Lectures

No. of Lectures - 8 in Verbal or 12 in Quants

No. of Hours - 24 in Verbal or 36 in Quants




Complete Quants + Verbal + AWA

No. of Lectures - 20 (Quants + Verbal )

No. of Hours - 60 (Quants + Verbal)

Unlimited Doubt Solving

Online GRE FAQs

Yes, you can. Mail us at info@collegepond.com to switch to a different program and we would communicate to you the terms and conditions, if applicable.

Absolutely yes. You can do that! All our plans are highly flexible.

You will receive a Welcome Mail (within a day or two) with the next steps.

We understand that one of the most valuable tools to get a high score is being able to ask any question (no matter how “silly” you may think your question is) and get difficult or confusing concepts clarified. You will have the power to ask any number of GRE related questions.Your questions will be answered by our GRE Experts who are fanatical about responding to every learner. This is our Unlimited Ask an Expert promise.

Yes, you can. Mail us at info@collegepond.com to get more details about GRE Practice Tests.

How you study for the GRE depends on your goals, preferred study style, schedule, and more. The best way to study for the GRE is to find a method that works for you, make a plan, and stick with it. You may want to study in a traditional classroom, live online, on your own, or even with a tutor. Your GRE study plan should include reviewing basic content, as well as realistic, computer-based practice.

It varies from student to student. In our experience, it takes anywhere from 2 months to 6 months to prepare for the GRE exam.

Choosing the best GRE test date for you requires planning backwards. If you are testing closer to your application deadlines, you’ll want to allow enough time for test scores to reach the schools, usually about 1-2 weeks. During busier testing months, GRE test seats fill up fast, so reserve your seat early. Not sure you’ll get a great score your first time? Allow enough time to study and re-test.

What Our Students Say

Simple yet analytical approaches for problem-solving, explained by the faculty, was greatly helpful for solving difficult questions. The innovative teaching adopted by the faculty make the test much easier.

Dhwanil Mehta
Dhwanil Mehta

Jimeet Sir was very approachable and was always ready to help me understand a concept better. All in all a big thank you to the Collegepond team for helping me crack the GRE with flying colours.

Kush Goliya
Kush Goliya

Collegepond was very much instrumental in helping me achieve a good score in GRE. The teaching faculty helped us understand all the concepts very well. They would make sure that we have understood the lecture properly and even gave flexibility to attend classes as per our convenience

Omkar Nalawade
Omkar Nalawade

What I really liked about the GRE and TOEFL coaching at Collegepond is the casual yet effective style of teaching employed by the instructors. All of them were very approachable for clearing out my doubts and to help me understand many concepts better.

Utsav Jambusaria
Utsav Jambusaria

Collegepond has shown me the right direction not only in my preparation for taking the GRE but also in the application process. The GRE lectures were informative and interactive which made studies a lot more fun. For the application process, the seminars held were really helpful! The counsellors were always available for guidance.

Ahan Kak
Ahan Kak

“Mr. Jimeet Sanghavi  and the entire Collegepond team  has  played  a  vital  role  in  my  success  to achieve a 340/340 in the GRE. I was impressed by their  vast  experience  and  immense  enthusiasm throughout my preparation.”

Mihir Joshi
Mihir Joshi

“I had a great experience with Collegepond. The classes were really helpful. Jimeet sir his team cleared my doubts very quickly & were always available. The class timings were flexible & the essay evaluations helped me a lot with my AWA. The material provided was very helpful in my revisions. Thanks Collegepond.”

Bhavya Shahi
Bhavya Shahi

“It was a very satisfying experience with Collegepond. You get beyond your money’s worth. They covered so many aspects of the entire application process which I had never heard about.”

Anuj Dharap
Anuj Dharap

When I heard about collegepond, I was a skeptic thinking they were like all those other pesky tuition classes who were in it just for the money, who kept calling and pestering me. However I’m gonna tell you they were different,don’t take my word for it, visit them. I took the GRE classes in both V&Q, and the amount of patience Jimeet sir showed me I doubt any other would have.

Rishi Modi
Rishi Modi


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